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I had a lovely thank you card from a client today – one I had advised over a year ago now, and who has managed to keep her weight stable for the first time in her life. She said she felt like she now had the tools to manage and understand her relationship with food. It made me so happy, but it also reminded me of how I felt before I started my own journey towards weight management. 

Before I trained as a nutritionist I had been either on or off a diet for nearly 30 years – in fact since I was 7 years old - losing and then regaining the same weight time and time again. I felt like I was supposed to be obese and that I had no control over my body. I felt like food controlled me. I thought there was no answer for me – I was doomed to be the fat one. 

But actually, after all that time and heart ache, I reached a realisation that the answer was really quite simple; diets don’t work, but small incremental and sustainable changes do, and they will lead to small, incremental and sustainable weight loss which over time will take you to the weight you want to be. 

 When we try to lose weight too quickly with very low calorie diets or through skipping meals it’s not our lack of will power that makes us give in and binge after a few days, it’s actually our bodies frantically working to try to keep us well nourished. Our brains and stomachs are physiologically hardwired to keep us eating, and overriding those signals is an almost impossible feat – we are setting ourselves up to fail, again and again and again. And every time we fail we chip away at our already frail self-esteem, making us seek comfort in the very food that caused the problem in the first place. 

 If on the other hand, we eat good quality, nutrient dense food so that our bodies remain nourished, the cravings and the desire to binge are reduced, and we suddenly realise that we can sustain the healthy eating plan for the long term - meaning that the yo-yo dieting cycle and the desperate feelings of self-loathing and being out of control will be a thing of the past. 

 My passion is to take people who feel that there is no hope of ever losing and maintaining their weight, and show them that behaviour change around food is not only possible in the short term but also sustainable in the long term, especially when the right support and information is available to them. It is possible to live without the fear of food, and it is possible to find that point of balance. 

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Kim x 
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