Being self-employed myself I only do business with people I like, Kim is definitely one of those people I like! 

Her warmth & understanding is an amazing quality. She makes you feel incredibly comfortable and never ashamed to admit the truth as she totally understands & has complete empathy with you. 

Her invaluable advice & support has been tremendous & I would recommend her hands down to anyone thinking of employing her services. Her recipes are also to die for!


Even though I didn’t actually have any great weight or digestive issues, I just wasn’t feeling great. 

Following Kim’s advice, I have massively reduced my intake of refined carbohydrates such as pasta and bread, and increased my intake of lean protein and good fats, as well as eating more vegetables. 

 I no longer feel like I have energy dips and highs throughout the day, and generally feel healthier and more comfortable after eating. 

 I suppose I am the evidence that you don’t have to be suffering from a great problem to benefit from having a diet overhaul!


Kim has been instrumental in helping me to understand the interactions between my auto immune conditions, my medications and the nutritional content of the foods I was eating - or should have been eating. 

 I've followed her advice and made some simple changes to my diet and have noticed improvements to my skin, my mood and energy levels.


I was obese at the age of 9, and by my 40’s thought that that was it for me. I’d been to every slimming club, taken slimming tablets and even made an appointment for a consultation for a gastric band. 

 When I met Kim I felt like she really understood where I was coming from and empathised with me as an individual , there was no judgement, just support, and the combination of counselling to make think about why eat, and the full eating plan made weight loss a real possibility for the first time. 

I’m proud to say I am maintaining my loss, and my attitude to food has changed completely. I don’t think I could have achieved this any other way.


I contacted Kim to ask her if she had any suggestions that might help with the pain in my knees from arthritis. 

 I really wasn’t convinced that changing what I eat would have any effect, but I have to say that the changes in diet and supplementation she has suggested have had a hugely positive effect. 

 I have also lost several kilos quite painlessly and no longer have the afternoon slumps in energy – result!
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